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The American Hockey League team Texas Stars was established in 1999. Today, it’s the top affiliate of the National Hockey League’s club Dallas Stars.

Meaning and history

Texas Stars Logo history

1999 — 2001

Texas Stars Logo 1999
The logo from 1999 was created for the hockey club with the name Louisville Panthers. It was a bright red “Panthers” inscription with a curved elongated tail of the “S” and “Louisville” in white sans-serif capitals set on it. The lettering was placed slightly diagonally under a golden-brown image of a panther. The animal had its eyes red and outline of the same color.

2005 — 2008

Texas Stars Logo 2005
The redesign of 2005 introduced a new badge for a new team. It was a gold and emerald-green logo with an “Iowa Stars” logotype and a bold five-pointed star drawn in green with a thick gold outline. The lettering was executed in a smooth and elegant custom typeface, with some lines elongated and tails pointed. That was a very light and sophisticated badge with stayed with the club for almost three years.

2008 — 2009

Texas Stars Logo 2008
The Start in the name was switched to the “Chops”, and the logo was changed dramatically. Now it was a red and black badge on a white background. The gray and red pig image was drawn above the two leveled inscription with black “Iowa” in small caps and a lot of space between the letters, and a bold outlined serif “Chops” in red, white, and black, with the letters separated by solid black dots.

2009 — 2015

Texas Stars Logo 2009

The earliest logo, which was revealed in 2009, featured a green star with a gold outline. The word “Stars” was given in large gold letters, while the text “Texas,” in smaller green letters, was placed above.

2015 — Today

Texas Stars logo

The 2015 update preserved the core elements of the logo and made the design more minimalistic and clear. Now, the star was positioned in the middle of the word “Texas” replacing the letter “X.”


Colors Texas Stars Logo

The Texas Stars logo is dominated by silver and white, while Victory Green makes the color palette unique. Black is used for the finishing touches.