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Grambling State University is represented in NCAA intercollegiate athletics by the teams nicknamed the Grambling State Tigers.

Meaning and history

Grambling State Tigers logo history

Grambling State Tigers, a prominent athletic division, was founded as part of Grambling State University, located in Grambling, Louisiana. The foundation of the university dates back to 1901, and its athletic teams, including the Tigers, have been an integral part of its history and identity. The Grambling State Tigers are particularly renowned for their achievements in college football, a key highlight being their historic wins and dominance in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). They have also gained national recognition for producing several professional NFL players, contributing significantly to the sport’s professional landscape.

The Tigers’ football program is notable for its remarkable winning record and the influence of legendary coach Eddie Robinson, who led the team from 1941 to 1997. Under his guidance, the team achieved numerous victories and set a standard for excellence in college football. In addition to football, Grambling State’s athletic program includes competitive teams in basketball, baseball, track and field, and other sports, each contributing to the university’s legacy in collegiate athletics.

Currently, the Grambling State Tigers continue to uphold their reputation for athletic excellence. They remain a vital force in the SWAC and maintain a strong presence in collegiate sports. The Tigers are known not just for their athletic prowess but also for their role in promoting sportsmanship, academic success among athletes, and contributing to the broader community. Their ongoing commitment to excellence in both sports and academics cements their position as a distinguished and respected entity in the world of college athletics.

What is Grambling State Tigers?
The Grambling State Tigers represent the athletic teams of Grambling State University, renowned for their football program and historic achievements in college sports, especially within the SWAC.


Grambling State Tigers Logo-1956

An anthropomorphized tiger holding a flag in his paw was the centerpiece of the Grambling State Tigers logo that made its debut in 1956.


Grambling State Tigers Logo-1965

In 1965, it was replaced by a more minimalistic and abstract logo where a yellow ellipse housed a large black “G.” That was a turning point in the history of the program’s brand identity as a completely new palette was introduced.


Grambling State Tigers Logo

In 1997, the Grambling State Tigers logo was slightly tweaked. A thin black trim appeared around the yellow ellipse.

Grambling State Tigers basketball

Grambling State Tigers basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of Grambling State University has competed in the 1980 National Invitation Tournament. It has played in the 2019 Postseason Tournament and in two NCAA Division II Tournaments. The women’s basketball team has made six appearances in the NCAA Division I Tournaments.

Grambling State Tigers baseball

Grambling State Tigers baseball logo

The team has had 50 Major League Baseball Draft selections.