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Graco is a label of the American company Newell Brands. It was established in 1942 as a producer of baby and kids goods. Today Graco is one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of strollers and car seats.

Meaning and history

The Graco logo is sharp and modern. It is composed of a strict wordmark with a bold and powerful emblem above it. Executed in a blue and black color palette, it looks universal and strong.

The Graco nameplate in all capital letters is written in a bold and smooth sans-serif typeface with a straight cut of the letters’ ends. The simplicity of the shapes is balanced by the black color, which makes it look like classic elegance.

Graco Logo

The Graco emblem, placed above the lettering, takes the biggest part of the logo. The geometrically stylized letter “G” boasts straight lines and sharp angles. Composed of two parts, black and blue, the Graco “G” looks contemporary and creative.

The first feeling the Graco logo evokes is stability. Its strong shapes and minimalist color palette shows the company’s power and authority, the logo represents the expertise and value of quality, as well as creating a sense of security and loyalty. The perfect list of characteristics for the baby products brand.