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Serta is the largest mattress brand in the USA. Owned by Serta-Simmons, it was founded in 1931 in Illinois under the name Sleeper by 13 mattress manufacturers. The company is famous for its ”Counting Sheep” advertising campaign which was created in 2000.

Meaning and history

Serta Logo history

When SERTA appeared in 1931, the best American companies combined their experience. After all, 13 well-known manufacturers in the United States joined together to create a new brand.Today the brand is especially well-known in the USA and Canada. Only in North America, there are more than 30 SERTA factories. There is also production outside this territory, in Australia and Eurasia.

SERTA mattresses contain orthopedic foam. The material is guaranteed free of banned flats. There are no flame retardants based on bromine, which can provoke various chronic diseases. This is confirmed by CertiPur certification, which is equal to world standards.

Each of the collections of mattresses has itsdistinctive features. For example, some products can effectively support the spine at certain points – even creating an additional top layer with a massage effect. There are models designed for any season. There are also premium mattresses with a special design.

What is Serta?
Serta is the most famous American mattress brand, which has been the industry leader for more than 80 years. The history of the Serta company began in 1933 when several American mattress manufacturers united to create it, and each of them brought its unique experience and vision, which resulted in one of the market’s leading players.

1931 – 1970s

Serta Logo 1931
The original logo depicts a black square with an incomplete white oval inside it. Inside the oval, they’ve put the company’s name written in red, italic letters.


Serta Logo 2000s
The 2000s logo was exactly the same as logo they adopted in the 70s, except with a motto ‘we make the world’s best mattresses’ said in blue, serif letters right beneath the main emblem.

1970s – Today

Serta logo

The Serta logo is a wordmark framed in an open circle and a corresponding to the company’s profile tagline “ We make the world’s best mattress”

The brand’s logo is very bright due to the use of yellow color, which gives a feeling of happiness, warmth and relaxation – a perfect associative series to mattresses and sleep. The yellow color in the Serta logo is used to highlight the deep blue typeface.

One of the classic color combination – blue and yellow – works as an eye-catcher, while both of the colors separately resemble of comfortable sleep and positive emotions.

The Serta logo is contemporary and attention-grabbing, which enhances the products on-shelf presence.

Font and Color

The bold and narrowed lettering from the Serta primary badge is set in the title case of a stable and heavy sans-serif font with the fraught lines and cuts of the bars. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Plak Pro Black Extra Condensed, or Neue Plak Condensed Bold, but with the letter “T” modified, and its tail cut, making up two straight lines of the T-cross.

As for the color palette of the Serta visual identity, it is based on a bright blue and yellow combination with the elements set on a plain white background. Yellow is a color associated with joy and happiness, which a good rest tends to give, while blue is the shade of reliability and confidence, the qualities which characterize the brand better than anything else.