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Chicco is an Italian company producing toys and clothing for kids. Its parent company is the Artsana Group.

While some brands keep experimenting with their visual brand identity all the time, the Chicco logo has remained pretty much the same over its more than 60-year history.

Meaning and history

Chicco Logo history

1958 – 2005

Chicco Logo-1958

Chicco was established in 1958. The original logo already had quite a few things that have been preserved through the years and have formed the core of the brand’s visual identity.

Firstly, it is the playful and bold type. While the shape of the majority of the letters is rather simple, the way they are positioned (above and below the line) creates a fun effect that brings to mind childhood, the age when you never care to place things (and letters) in a straight line.

Another important part of the visual core is the palette: the combination of red, the specific shade of blue, and white.

The exaggerated red dot above the “i” adds a unique touch. In a way, the “i” here looks like an exclamation mark turned upside down. The different length of the ends of the “h” is another feature making the design recognizable.

2005 – Today

Chicco Logo

The updated version looks pretty much like the old one. Chances are, most customers didn’t even feel the difference. Yet, if you compare them side-by-side, you will immediately notice the fact that the shape of the emblem has grown more rounded. While the previous logo was a rectangle with rounded corners, the current one is more of an oval with its longer sides cut.

The design team has added a gradient to the red dot to make it better merge with the blue background. While the “h” used to have a longer left end, the current version has a longer right end.

A less obvious alteration has taken place in the shape of the glyphs. They have grown slightly narrower, leaving more breathing space. As a result, the Chicco logo looks less cluttered than its predecessor.