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Google Meet is the name of the online video meeting and conferencing service created by Google in 2017 as Google Hangouts. It consists of the applications Meet for group video calls and Chat for creating group chats. It works on mobile platforms.

Meaning and history

Google Meet Logo history

Google Meet is a tool for creating and hosting video meetings and conferences. Initially, the service was confined to the needs of business, but after the start of quarantine in 2020, the service has become incredibly popular and available for all users of the Google ecosystem. In Google, Meet users can create and share conferences with people in seconds and communicate with them from most types of devices.

Up to 100 users can participate in one Google Meet session. The prerequisite is that each of them has a Google account. The duration of the session cannot exceed 60 minutes (the service is also used for remote education needs). Service operation has a high degree of protection. This applies not only to data transfer but also to saving materials on Google Disk. You can hold online meetings on any browser.

2017 – 2020

Google Meet Logo 2017

The service was created by Google in 2017 and was initially called Google Hangouts, which then split into two independent applications — Google Meet and a Google Chat. Both of them had their icons based on one, with just one difference — the additional lettering. The original Google Meet logo was composed of a dark turquoise dialogue bubble placed on a white background and having a white stylized video camera image on it. The camera had its main part with angles rounded, while the lens, facing to the right, was sharp. The “Meet” inscription in the title case was set in medium gray letters, written in a modern sans-serif typeface.

2020 – Today

Google Meet Logo

With the redesign of 2020, the visual identity of Google Meet got brightened up and became modern and fresh. The new emblem is set in the iconic Google color palette, with the stylized camera contoured in bold lines of red, blue, yellow, and green. The smallest, red, fragment, set in the upper left corner of the image, is diagonally cut, turning into a triangle. As for the lettering on this version, it features the same modern and clean typeface, but with the letters set in a lighter shade of gray now.