GNC Logo

GNC Logo

GNC is an American vitamin manufacturing company, which was established in 1935 and today is one of the leaders of the supplements and sports nutrition market across the globe. The name of the brand, GNC, is an abbreviation for General Nutrition Centers.

Meaning and history

The GNC visual identity’s individuality is in its typeface. The text-based logo features a very strong custom font for the company’s name inscription.

The “GNC” lettering is executed in a bold and futuristic sans-serif typeface with rounded angles of “C” and inner part of “G” and shape sides of “N” and outer contour of “G”.

GNC Logo

The nameplate looks powerful and dynamic, especially in the red color, which is the main in the brand’s color palette. Red is a symbol of energy and passion, and this is what the companies main characteristics are.

The “Live Well” tagline features the same color, but different shapes. Its all-caps lettering is written in a thin strict sans-serif, which is simple and basic.

The GNC logo is minimalist yet stylish and powerful. It shows an influential and strong company, which is passionate about what it does and is progressive and innovative.