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The Georgia National Football Team, governed by the Georgian Football Federation, represents Georgia in international men’s football competitions. Founded post-independence in 1990, it emerged on the global stage as the principal representation of Georgian football. Operating primarily within Europe under UEFA, the team participates in various regional and international tournaments, striving to elevate its status and showcase Georgian talent on the football field.

Meaning and History

Georgia National Football Team Logo history

Established shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Georgia National Football Team began its independent journey in international football in 1990. Its foundation marked a significant moment in Georgian sports, symbolizing a new era of national representation in football. The team’s early years were focused on building a competitive squad and establishing a presence in European football.

Among its notable achievements, Georgia has delivered several impressive performances in European qualifiers and friendly matches against high-ranking teams, which have been crucial in boosting the morale and recognition of the team. These achievements not only reflect the team’s growing prowess but also highlight the emergence of talented players who have gone on to represent top clubs in Europe.

Currently, the Georgia National Football Team is focused on further improving its international standings and qualifying for major tournaments like the UEFA European Championship and the FIFA World Cup. The team’s efforts are supported by a dedicated coaching staff and a passionate fanbase, eager to see Georgia succeed on the world stage.

What is Georgia National Football Team?
The Georgia National Football Team is the national men’s football team of Georgia, competing in international football under UEFA. Managed by the Georgian Football Federation, it represents the country in various international tournaments and friendly matches.

1990 – 1998

Georgia National Football Team Logo 1990

The 1990 logo of the Georgia National Football Team features a bold and distinctive design that captures the spirit of Georgian football. At the center of the logo is a striking yellow eagle, symbolizing power and pride, with its wings spread wide. The eagle is perched atop a classic black and white football, indicating the sport the logo represents. Behind the eagle are three vertical stripes in black, white, and red, which are traditional colors often associated with Georgian national symbols. Above these elements, the name of the football federation is written in Georgian script, adding a cultural touch to the emblem. The combination of the eagle, football, and national colors in the design embodies the team’s identity and its connection to Georgia’s rich heritage and passion for football.

1998 – 2002

Georgia National Football Team Logo 1998

The 1998 logo of the Georgia National Football Team adopts a circular design that emphasizes unity and continuity. Dominating the center is a blue circle with white stars arranged in a cross pattern, representing the St. George’s cross, a national symbol of Georgia. Surrounding the central circle is a yellow border, adding a vibrant contrast. Encircling this are the words “GEORGIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION” in bold, blue, uppercase letters, signifying the official governing body. At the bottom, two stylized human figures in white are seen holding a football, symbolizing teamwork and the essence of the game. The elegant and balanced design, with its use of national symbols and colors, highlights the federation’s role in promoting football across Georgia while maintaining a connection to its cultural identity.

2002 – 2004

Georgia National Football Team Logo 2002

The 2002 logo of the Georgia National Football Team presents a more regal and intricate design. The centerpiece is a black and white football adorned with a traditional Georgian Borjgali symbol in the middle, symbolizing eternity and life. Encasing the football is a golden circular frame with detailed Georgian script, denoting the federation’s name. This frame is further embellished with red and gold elements, creating a rich and ornate appearance. At the top of the logo is a crown, adding a touch of royalty and prestige, reflecting the national pride associated with the team. The sophisticated design elements and the use of traditional symbols make this logo a proud representation of Georgian football, blending modern sports elements with cultural heritage.

2004 – 2014

Georgia National Football Team Logo 2004

The 2004 logo of the Georgia National Football Team continues to evolve in its design, emphasizing clarity and modernity. This iteration features a prominent red cross, reminiscent of the St. George’s cross, set against a white circular background. The red cross is a significant national symbol, reflecting the country’s heritage. Encircling the cross are the words “GEORGIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION” in bold red letters, providing a clear and professional look. At the bottom of the circle, a small football icon is integrated, linking the design to the sport it represents. The simplicity and effectiveness of this design highlight the federation’s commitment to the sport and its national pride, making it easily recognizable and memorable.


Georgia National Football Team Logo 2014

In 2014, the Georgia National Football Team introduced a refreshed logo that maintains a traditional yet modern aesthetic. This logo features a red cross, again referencing the St. George’s cross, within a white circular frame. The cross is flanked by four red crosses, similar to those on the national flag of Georgia. Encircling the central elements is a white ring with the words “GEORGIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION” in bold red letters. The design is clean and straightforward, emphasizing the federation’s identity and its national significance. The consistent use of red and white colors ties the logo to the national flag, reinforcing the team’s connection to its heritage and the unity of Georgian football.

2014 – 2022

Georgia National Football Team Logo 2014-2022

The Georgia National Football Team’s logo from 2014 to 2022 features a modern design that skillfully balances tradition and contemporary aesthetics. At its core is a prominent red cross, symbolizing the St. George’s cross, set against a white circular background, reflecting Georgia’s national identity. The cross is flanked by four smaller red crosses, mirroring the national flag. Encircling this central design is a gray border, adding depth and a sense of completeness. Boldly placed across the red cross are the initials “GFF” in a modern font, signifying the Georgian Football Federation. The logo’s clean lines and cohesive color scheme create a professional and memorable emblem, encapsulating the team’s heritage and commitment to excellence in football.

2022 – Today

Georgia National Football Team Logo

The current logo for the Georgia National Football Team features a more minimalist design with a strong visual impact. It displays a white figure of St. George slaying the dragon, a prominent national symbol, set against a red shield. This emblem focuses on the cultural and historical significance of St. George, the patron saint of Georgia, symbolizing bravery and valor. The simple yet powerful imagery emphasizes the team’s spirit and determination. This alternative logo, with its bold red and white color scheme and iconic national symbol, provides a strong and recognizable identity for the team, representing Georgian pride and heritage.

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