Gaumont Logo

Gaumont logo

Gaumont is one of the most famous European film studios, established in 1895 in France. The company is considered to be the world’s oldest filmmaker and today has its subsidiary in the USA, which specializes mainly on tv-series.

Meaning and history

Gaumont Logo history

The Gaumont visual identity is classic and elegant. Composed of a wordmark with a delicate graphical element, it looks timeless and sophisticated, reflecting a true French style.

The Gaumont wordmark is executed in a smooth sans-serif typeface, with its letter slightly extended. The softly rounded lines of the inscription create a harmonized and pleasant feeling.

The tagline “Depuis que le cinema exists”, which translates from French as “Since the cinema exists”, is written under the nameplate in the lowercase lettering and uses a simple sans-serif font.

The ok not ornament of the Gaumont logo is a flower-line circle around the letter “G”, which resembles a Sun, or a color specter. It even makes you think of a circular camera lens.

Gaumont logo

Whatever the original meaning is, the Gaumont logo looks actual and fine. Its smooth lines and the calm shade of red reflect the company’s passion for filmmaking. The logo represents the brand as professional and progressive, the one that values quality and expertise and tends to make the best movies for their loved audience.