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Primigi is an Italian brand of kids shoes, which was established in 1976. The brand is famous for its membrane technology and a strong research in orthopedics. Since 2001 it is a part of IMAC Spa.

Meaning and history

The Primigi logo is bright and full of joy. It fully reflects the brand’s focus on kids, while showing its stability and high quality.

The color palette of the logo is deep blue and bright green, which looks confident and energetic on a white background.

The Primigi logo is composed of a wordmark, a green oval graphical element around the letters “I” and “M” and the brand’s tagline “Un Avventura Straordinaria”, which is translated from Italian as “Extraordinary Adventure”.

Logo Primigi

The typeface of the all-caps nameplate is modern and playful. It has strong and clear lines, yet there are some elements in the letters, that make it funny and interesting. The letter “P” has a short tail, while the letter “I” have their tops slightly cut diagonally.

The tagline is executed in a different font, but also in all-caps. It looks like a hand drawing, made by pencil.

Primigi logo

The Primigi logo is a great example of how the kid’s brand should look: bright, curious, evoking a sense of trust and value of quality.