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Liu Jo Junior is the name of a sub-brand of the famous Italian fashion label Liu Jo, which was established in 1995 on Capri. The Junior line offers clothing for babies and kids from 3 months to 16 years.

Meaning and history

Liu Jo Junior is a luxury Italian fashion brand, which was founded by brothers Marchi in 1995. The creation of the brand was some kind of a protest to the brothers’ parents, who wanted their kids to be involved in the family business, pizza restaurants. The adolescent riot went perfectly and turned into a super successful fashion brand, which today is being sold all over the globe.

As for the line for the smallest ones, it was created a few years later after the establishment of the fashion house. Liu Jo Junior brings to the attention of parents around the world quality children’s and teenage clothing. The main emphasis of Liu Jo Junior’s brand is to create clothes for girls, that is why the products are characterized by femininity.

The images conceived by the designers do not differ much from the women’s collections. The brand offers four lines: Newborn, Baby, Junior, and Teen. Collections are divided by age categories, but in general, the size range is designed for children from 3 months to 16 years.

What is Liu Jo Junior?

Liu Jo Junior is a line of clothes and accessories for babies, kids, and teenagers for girls up to 16 years old, launched by the famous Italian fashion brand Liu Jo, established in 1995. The collections of the sub-brand include T-shirts, skinny jeans, hooded sweatshirts, as well as sophisticated dresses, trying to copy the adult’s lines of the label as much as possible.

In terms of visual identity, the Liu Jo line for kids and teens uses the logo of the mother brand as the basis, but changed its color palette to a lighter one and uses a custom cursive font for the underline, making the badge look friendly and playful.

???? – Today

Liu Jo Junior logo

The Liu Jo Junior logo can be broken down into two parts. The design is dominated by the logo of the parent brand, Liu Jo. It looks the same as always. Below, you can see the word “Junior” in a completely different style – playful and casual. It features a type of imitating handwriting.

As for the upper part of the badge, it is executed in a bold and stable sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as Adecion Light and Tropical a summer Bold, while the underline with the “Junior and Baby” is set in the lowercase of a custom cursive type, resembling Blamont Casual Italic, but with most contours modified.

The traditional black color, used for the Ali I Jo main logotype, here is replaced by light gray, which still has all the style and character of the main brand, but shows it more softly and lightly.

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