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Gambrinus Liga is the historical name of the top league of the Czech football system. Today, it’s known as the Fortuna liga (or Czech First League).

Maeaning and history

Gambrinus Liga Logo history

The name Gambrinus Liga was used in 1997-2014 with reference to the Gambrinus beer. The Gambrinus Liga logo featured a football in flight with the name of the beer given in the same style as on the bottles.

1997 — 2000s

Gambrinus Liga Logo 1997
The Gambrinus Liga visual identity designed in 1997 featured a pretty simple yet solid and memorable composition, with the stylized black and white football placed in the middle of the circular badge and enclosed into a very thick dark red, more maroon, frame, with a thin yellow outline from its inner side. The framing had an uppercase sans-serif “Gambrinus Liga” is Tipton written around its perimeter in the same dark yellow shade as the thin circle. In the center of the monochrome ball, there was a black elegant letter “G” in a gothic style, with the tail elongated and curved.

2000s — 2014

Gambrinus Liga logo

When in 2014 a deal with the betting firm Synot was announced, a completely new Czech First League logo was introduced, with the word “Synot” in dark blue and red. Only two years later, a 6-year partnership deal with another betting company, Fortuna, was signed, resulting in a new Fortuna liga logo.