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Futures Collegiate Baseball League logoFutures Collegiate Baseball League Logo PNG

Futures Collegiate Baseball League, or simply FCBL, is a collegiate sports organization, which was established in 2010 by Drew Weber and Chris Carminucci. The baseball league, which only functions during the summer season, has eight teams-members.

Meaning and history

Futures Collegiate Baseball League is a sports organization in the USA which was created for minor baseball league players from colleges from all over the country to compete and get experience for future major league achievements.

Futures Collegiate Baseball League logo

The FCBL is a summer baseball league, that has 8 clubs-players, among which is Nashua Silver Knights, the five-times champion of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League.

The league was created by experienced baseball managers, Chris Carminucci and Drew Webster, who saw the empty niche and decided to allow the young players to compete and get prepared for more serious championships in their sports career.

What is Futures Collegiate Baseball League?

Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) is the name of the American sports organization, established in 2010 for young baseball clubs from eight colleges. The unpaid baseball league was established with the idea of “training” and “gaining experience” for the young clubs.

As for the visual identity, the Futures Collegiate Baseball League is bold and progressive, although the badge of the FCBL is based on the traditional industry elements and color palette. The patriotic combination of red, blue, and white here is accompanied by solid black details, and the prevailing red color makes the emblem look powerful and eye-catching.

2010 – Today

Futures Collegiate Baseball League logo

The focal point of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League logo is the part of the map of the US depicting the three states where the league’s franchises are located: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Interestingly enough, you can hardly notice the baseball theme on the logo, although the circle design may be interpreted as a baseball. The lettering “FCBL” is placed over the map design. Also, the roundel is encircled by the name of the League in dark blue.

The elegant yet solid FCBL abbreviation of the league’s badge is executed in a custom typeface; which is based on one of the following sans-serif fonts: Eurocine Wide Black Oblique, Podium Sharp Italic, or Chiq pro Black Italic, but with the ends of the lines slightly flared, the angles sharpened and the contours slightly modified.


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