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Collegiate Baseball League Europe logoCollegiate Baseball League Europe Logo PNG

Collegiate Baseball League Europe is a sports organization, which was established in the Netherlands in 2012, and today consists of six teams-members, which compete during the summer season in two divisions, East and West.

Meaning and history

Collegiate Baseball League Europe logo

Collegiate Baseball League Europe is one of the most reputable baseball organizations for students athletes in Europe. Based in the Netherlands, the league hosts summer championships between six clubs, divided into West and East Divisions, with three teams in each.

The West Division consists of teams from the UK, Spain, and France, while the East Division is formed by the college clubs from the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The most titled team of the league are the french La Rochelle Admirals, which have twice more wins than the Praha Dragons club, which takes second place in this ranking.

What is Collegiate Baseball League Europe?

Collegiate Baseball League Europe is the organization for college baseball teams, which was established in 2012 in the Netherlands and today is composed of six teams from six European countries, which are split into two divisions.

In terms of visual identity, the badge of the Collegiate Baseball League Europe is also very European. The traditional sports organizations’ red-blue-white color palette here is softer and calmer, and the massive elements on the emblem are refined and outlined, getting lighter and more delicate.

2012 – Today

Collegiate Baseball League Europe logo

The Collegiate Baseball League Europe logo has a very unusual structure. Its upper part seems to imitate the shape of a baseball field, while below a stylized home plate can be seen. The home plate houses the following design elements: the abbreviation “CBLE” in red, a baseball player in white, the lettering “Est. 2012” in white, and a small white home plate.

The upper part of the logo features a row of red stars and the lettering “Collegiate Baseball League Europe” arched above it. Both parts of the lettering on the CBLE emblem are set in a modern and simple sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to iconic Futura, although the red letters of the abbreviation look slightly different due to the thin white outline, which makes the contours bolder.