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AMC Theatres is the name of the cinema-theaters chain, which was established in 1920 in the United States. By today the chain has grown into one of the country’s leaders in their segment with more than a thousand locations across the USA, and 11 thousand screens.

Meaning and history

AMC Theatres Logo history

The visual identity of AMC Theatres during its first era featured a simple capitalized inscription with various taglines. From the 1920s and until 1980 the cinema chain was called “American Multi Cinema”, so there was no need for additional graphics and framing due to the length of the name.

1962 – 1973

AMC Theatres Logo 1962

The first-ever proper logo of AMC showed a black-and-white drawing of an Oscar trophy holding a cinema reel in its hands. Both were the accepted symbols for cinema, which justified the choice. Beneath, there was also the ‘ACM’ acronym written in black letters at a perspective.

1973 – 1977

AMC Theatres Logo 1973
There was one big addition in 1973: there was now a big laurel wreath circumventing the whole composition from the acronym to the statue’s head. Nothing else changed significantly.

1977 – 1979

AMC Theatres Logo 1977
In 1977, they decided to simply adopt the acronym as the main logotype. There were big white letters written in an ordinary sans-serif font. There was a big shade (or perhaps the side of the letters) cast from the writing to the bottom right corner.

1979 -1980

AMC Theatres Logo 1979
It’s the last logo before the modern design. The acronym him also consisted of white letters, but with a more elegant, uneven serif style. There were many unnecessary line extensions, and one stretched from the letter ‘A’ underneath and into the letter ‘C’, creating a ribbon of sorts that held the company’s full name in black.

1980 – 1994

AMC Theatres Logo-1980

The AMC Theatres name came out in 1989, along with a new logo. It was a minimalist stylized monogram, executed in black, and placed on a white background. The lowercase letters were executed in an ExtraBold rounded sans-serif, with the letter “A” having its contour open.

1994 – Today

AMC Theatres Logo

In 1994 all but the color palette of the logo remained untouched. Today we can see the AMC emblem in two variations: red letters on a white background, or white wordmark placed on a solid red circle. This color scheme perfectly reflects the industry of cinema and entertainment and evokes a sense of passion, joy, and energy.