Mickey Mouse Logo

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Mickey Mouse logo
Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous cartoon-heroes ever created. The character was drawn in 1928 by Walt Disney and became the company’s symbol in the same year. Mickey was the major animated personage to get his star tile on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Meaning and history

Mickey Mouse Logo history

Mickey Mouse is an emblem himself, but being one of the most recognizable cartoon characters ever, he also has his logo, which is composed of a symbol and a wordmark. The two elements of the Mickey Mouse visual identity are usually used separately, as each of them is a unique and bright insignia.
Mickey Mouse logo
The Mickey Mouse logotype in all capital letters is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, with different lengths of bars, which creates a sense of jumping texts, making the logo playful and energetic.
The red inscription boasts a thick black outline, which connects two parts of the name, placed one under another. The Disney signature lettering is placed above the nameplate, in white or black, depending on the background.
Mickey Mouse emblem
The Mickey Mouse emblem is a silhouette of his head, composed of three black circles — the big one for the head itself and two smaller for the ears. This symbol has become iconic and is used everywhere — from printables to fashion items and accessories.