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Apple TV is the name of a compact Apple digital media player. The device is used for playing digital content. You can whether bind it to your other Apple gadgets, such as iPad, iPhone, or MacBook, and use the AirPlay function, or just use the Apple TV via your television, with the internet-connected.

Meaning and History

Apple TV is a good solution for those who want to upgrade their TV and get access to various services. This means that you will have access to thousands of shows, movies, and videos, millions of hours of music, and a huge number of games. At the same time, Apple TV can also be connected to your smartphone – you can view photos and videos.

The Apple TV controls are as simple and intuitive as possible, and access to content is as fast as possible. Apple TV has its operating system, tvOS. This means that you can install your applications from the AppStore and games.

The player was made super easy and convenient to install and use, so it will only take a few minutes for you to start enjoying all the benefits the Apple TV console gives you.

What is Apple TV?
Apple TV is the compact digital player, created by Apple Inc. The gadget is designed to broadcast media from the iTunes Store and other Internet services, as well as from the iTunes library on the user’s computers and mobile devices, to the TV screen.

In terms of visual identity, the Apple product has been pretty consistent and only ran through a couple of redesigns during the years. Although the concept of the logo slightly varies depending on the usage of the products: there are different emblems for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.


Apple TV IOS Logo history

2016 — 2019

Apple TV IOS Logo 2016

The very first emblem was designed for Apple TV iOS in 2016 and stayed in use as the primary version for almost three years. It was a solid black square with rounded angles and a gradient turquoise geometric screen in a white frame, placed over the black background and above the thick white horizontal line (tv stand).

March 2019 — September 2019

Apple TV IOS Logo 2019

For just a few months in 2019, the brand had been using another version of the logo: the tv screen was replaced by the iconic Apple emblem, followed by the lowercase “TV” inscription in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface. The composition was executed in the same gradient turquoise color palette, as the graphics of the previous version.

2019 — Today

Apple TV IOS logo

At the end of September 2019, the Apple TV logo for iOS was redesigned again. The concept remained the same, but the color palette has been switched to plain white on black, and the contours of both the Apple emblem and the “TV” lettering were refined. This, the letters became larger in size and got the contours cleaned up, which made the whole badge look stricter and more distinctive.


Apple TV macOS Logo history


Apple TV macOS 2019

The first logo for macOS was introduced in 2018 and only stayed active for a few months, for the Beta version. It was a solid black circle in a matte frame, which was a shade lighter than the body of the medallion. The central part of the emblem was taken by the Apple emblem and the “TV” lettering in a gradient turquoise color palette.

2019 — 2020

Apple TV macOS 2019

The turquoise element was redrawn in white with the redesign of 2019. Same, as with the logo for iOS, the letters became a bit larger and cleaner, as for the background — it remained untouched, with the plain black surface and thin matte dark gray framing.

2020 — Today

Apple TV macOS logo

In 2020 the MacOS version of Apple TV started using the badge, which was designed for iOS in 2019 — the softened black square with the whole Apple emblem and the lowercase “TV” inscription in sans-serif, also executed in white.


Apple tvOS Logo history

2016 — 2019

Apple tvOS Logo 2016

The tvOS emblem was pretty much the same, like the ones, used for iOS. So the first one, designed in 2016, was also depicting a stylized turquoise tv-screen in a white framing. But the difference with the Apple TV iOS badge was in the shape of the main element — the tvOS logo used a horizontally stretched solid black rectangle.


Apple tvOS Logo 2019

The screen over a black rectangle was replaced by a gradient turquoise Apple emblem and the lowercase lettering in 2019. Compared to the iOS logo version, both colorful elements here were larger, thus the badge looked more confident and strong.

2019 — Today

Apple tvOS logo

As with all the other Apple TV logo redesigns, the tvOS version was refined in 2019, with the change of the color palette from gradient turquoise to white. As the lettering and emblem were already large enough on the previous version of the badge, nothing else has been changed with the new version introduction.

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