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Futi, a Portugal-based automaker, is the brainchild of Pedro Sereno. Spearheading the sustainable mobility movement, Futi designs and manufactures innovative electric vehicles (EVs). Expanding across Europe, their market presence spans Portugal, Spain, and France, setting the pace for eco-conscious transportation.

Meaning and history

Futi Logo history

Founded by Pedro Sereno in 2009, Futi has risen as a significant automaker from Portugal, known for creating cutting-edge electric vehicles. The company’s primary achievements encompass several groundbreaking models, contributing to the EV revolution. Presently, Futi continues to maintain a strong market stance in Europe, embodying the future of sustainable transportation.

What is Futi?
Futi is an automaker from Portugal, established in 2009 by Pedro Sereno. The company specializes in crafting advanced electric vehicles, symbolizing the future of sustainable transportation.

2009 – 2012

Futi Logo 2009

The automaker went for a minimalistic, simple design for its logo. The logo consists of an oval frame and the company’s name. The latter is printed using all lowercase characters and smooth, fluent strokes. There are no serifs, but the first and last letters touch the frame, creating a cohesive look. The black color of the logo with a white base gives the emblem a professional and powerful feel.

2012 – now

Futi Logo

The new color palette of the company features light blue and green, which makes it completely different from the original brand image. The name still features elegant curves and straight cuts. The letter “f” flows in the “u”, which is surely an interesting element. The name is no longer framed. Instead, the designers added a green ring with a drawing of something that resembles an electric fork. This element of the logo is quite symbolic as the company is focusing on electric cars. The green color, accordingly, symbolizes the environmentally-friendly approach of the automaker.