Furman Paladins Logo

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Furman Paladins Logo
While the Furman Paladins logo is pretty recognizable, it lacks the emotional and imaginative power of the program’s secondary logo.

Meaning and history

Furman Paladins Logo

Back in 1981, the athletic program of the Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, adopted a logo featuring a large white “F” on the violet background. The shape in which the “F” was placed looked like a four-pointed star or a square with its sides curved inside.
In 2013, the emblem went through a subtle update. The shade of violet was a bit altered, while the letter grew bolder and slightly changed its shape.
In contrast to the minimalistic primary logo described above, the secondary Furman Paladins logo is more detailed. It includes not only the full name of the team but also a stylized knight.

Furman Paladins football

Furman Paladins football logo
The Paladins won the NCAA I-AA National Football Championship one time. They have also competed in NCAA I-AA National Football Championship games twice.

Furman Paladins baseball

Furman Paladins baseball logo
The Furman University’s football team is coached by Brett Harker. The Paladins host their games at Latham Baseball Stadium, while the arena for their home games is Flour Field in downtown Greenville.