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The designer of the Fulra logo has used the same approach as in many other fashion brand logos. He just placed the name of the brand in black, all capitalized letters over the white background. This choice is very utilitarian: the black lettering fits almost any background, while the fact that there’re no additional pictorial details provides legibility. And yet, the designer has managed to give the emblem a unique touch.

Meaning and history

Furla Logo history

The history of the brand began in 1927 in Italy. A young family couple Furlanetto was engaged in the wholesale trade of inexpensive leather goods. The head of the family, Aldo Furlanetto, traveled around Europe and sold women’s accessories which were fashionable at the time. But Aldo’s dream was different. He wanted to create a new style and quality, sophisticated leather goods. So the Furla brand was born.In 1955, the first Furla store opened on Ugo Bassi Street, which, by the way, still functions today.

Over the years, the company has evolved from a small family business into an internationally renowned brand, thanks to the responsible work of the managers, business intuition, and pragmatism. Today Furla has more than 1,6 thousand employees from 100 countries across the globe.

What is Furla?
Furla is a famous luxury brand of bags and leather accessories, which was established in 1927 in Italy. The brand named after its founders, the Furlanetto family, produces handbags, leather accessories, watches, eyewear, and shoes.

1927 – 2019

Furla Logo 1927

The very first Furla logo, designed in 1927, stayed with the Italian brand for almost a century. It was a bold uppercase logotype in a fancy and elegant serif typeface with thick clean lines and sharp triangular serifs on the ends of the bars. The logo was set in black against a white background, with no additional details.

2019 – Today

Furla logo
The redesign of 2019 has kept the minimalistic approach tothe Furla logo but made the badge more modern and strong, switching the typeface to a geometric sans-serif, and supporting the uppercase logotype by the “Since 1927 Italy” tagline, written in small capitals, in the same black color. The new font reflects the progress of the company and its growth, showing Furla as the brand, that adopts the new times and needs of its customers.

Font and color

Can you spot the “abnormal” letter? You probably haven’t noticed this tiny detail earlier, the white gap on the “F.” It might have been inspired by a high-heeled shoe. This looks reasonable, as the product range is based on shoes, although it also includes bags and accessories.

The bold contemporary lettering from the official Furla logo is set in a heavy sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty close to such fonts as Chamelton 10 Display Bold and Cathra Bold, with slightly condensed characters and clean cuts of the lines.

As for the color palette of the Furla visual identity, it goes traditional for the fashion industry way, choosing a combination of black lettering on a white background. A timeless solution, which will always be actual and always look elegant.

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