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John Richmond is the name of a British fashion brand, established at the beginning of the 1980s and named after its founder and head designer. The brand has several lines of clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids, although the leading and the most iconic line is John by Richmond.

Meaning and history

One of the well-known English fashion designers, John Richmond opened his fashion studio in 1982, and two years later established The Richmond-Cornejo label, in collaboration with another talented designer. Under the Richmond-Cornejo brand, John became famous and got his audience of loyal fans.

The main direction of the company is stylish pret-a-porter clothing, although it is not its only line. In addition to the fancy luxe, the brand has a popular denim collection, which is produced under the Richmond Denim brand name. There are also interesting collections of shoes and accessories. So three main directions of the fashion house are John by Richmond, Richmond Denim, and Richmond X. The first line is the leading one and the most expensive too. It is all about chick and class. The second line is distinguished by an abundance of different prints, applications, and various accessories, applied on clothing models, the brightest depiction of the brand’s glam-rock ideology. The third line is addressed to young and successful people up to 30 years old. Here the young fans of the label can find iconic pieces for affordable prices.

What is John Richmond?

John Richmond is a legendary British fashion and accessories brand, established in 1982. There label is famous for its uniqueness in images and rebellious character and takes its inspiration in glam rock culture. The motto of the brand is “Destroy. Disorientate. Disorder”.

In terms of visual identity, John Richmond keeps its rebellious line and shows its uniqueness by using a very simple trick. Although, in simplicity, there is a genius. The monochrome color palette adds harmony to the lettering in different styles and makes the experiments badge more classic and calm.

1982 – Today

John Richmond logo

Probably the most peculiar feature about the John Richmond logo is the way it combines two totally different typefaces. The word “John,” which is given on the top, is given in a classic serif type. The elegant serifs create a traditional style.

The word “Richmond,” which dominates the design due to its larger size, uses a sans serif type. It also has classic proportions. There is a lot of breathing space between the letters, which helps to create a rather wide wordmark.