Fresno State Bulldogs Logo

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo

While the current Fresno State Bulldogs logo looks pretty similar to the previous one, in fact, there is a couple of notable differences.

Meaning and history

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo

Both the emblems feature a white bulldog with a blue trim. The creature is wearing a red shirt with a blue “F” on the sleeve.

On the old emblem, which was introduced in 1992, the shade of red was warmer than on the current logo adopted in 2006. Also, the bulldog on the updated logo received a circular pendant sporting the letter “V.”

Fresno State Bulldogs football

Fresno State Bulldogs football logo

The football team has won 27 conference championships. In addition to the main Fresno State Bulldogs logo, the team also uses a green “V” – it can be seen on their helmets, uniforms, and field. The “V” is used as a symbol of California Central Valley, specifically the San Joaquin Valley, where lots of the Bulldog’s fans come from.

Fresno State Bulldogs basketball

Fresno State Bulldogs basketball logo

The men’s team has played in six NCAA Tournaments and in ten National Invitation Tournaments (as of 2019). Also, they have played in the 2014 College Basketball Invitational.