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While the current Fresno State Bulldogs logo looks pretty similar to the previous one, in fact, there is a couple of notable differences.

Meaning and history

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo history
Both the emblems feature a white bulldog with a blue trim. The creature is wearing a red shirt with a blue “F” on the sleeve.

What are Fresno State Bulldogs?
Fresno State Bulldogs is the name of an athletic program from the California State University, Fresno, which consists of 22 men’s and women’s teams, competing in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in such sports disciplines as Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and others.

1953 – 1976

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo 1953
There was a grotesque mean bulldog portrayed on the team’s first logo. It was white with some blue. Above it, the word ‘Bulldogs’ was written in cursive red letters with a touch of blue for outlining.

1976 – 1982

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo 1976
The 1976 emblem portrays a more cartoonish bulldog with more human traits. The color scheme is generally the same, and the maliciousness is still there. However, it’s now just the head, and the dog wears a sailor’s cap with a bold, red ‘F’ on it.

1982 – 2006

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo 1982
The 1982 design portrays the dog drawn in full face. They got rid of the cap and placed the image inside a thin blue circle. On its outside and along the edges, they placed the team’s full name (‘Fresno State Bulldogs’) in red, overly wide letters.

2006 – 2016

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo-1992
The next emblem uses the same head design as the previous logo. This time, it’s connected to the rest of the body – a muscular mass with the same white-blue color scheme. The dog also fears a red t-shirt with a big blue ‘F’ on the sleeve.

2016 – Today

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo

On the old emblem, which was introduced in 1992, the shade of red was warmer than on the current logo adopted in 2006. Also, the bulldog on the updated logo received a circular pendant sporting the letter “V.”

Fresno State Bulldogs football

Fresno State Bulldogs football logo

The football team has won 27 conference championships. In addition to the main Fresno State Bulldogs logo, the team also uses a green “V” – it can be seen on their helmets, uniforms, and field. The “V” is used as a symbol of California Central Valley, specifically the San Joaquin Valley, where lots of the Bulldog’s fans come from.

Fresno State Bulldogs basketball

Fresno State Bulldogs basketball logo

The men’s team has played in six NCAA Tournaments and in ten National Invitation Tournaments (as of 2019). Also, they have played in the 2014 College Basketball Invitational.

Font and color

The visual identity of Fresno State Bulldogs doesn’t have lettering on it, just a square “F” on the jersey sleeve and a simple green “V” on the chest. Both characters are set in a standard for college square serif typeface, with bold lines and massive clean serifs.

As for the color palette of the Fresno State Bulldogs badge, it is based on a light-gray and blue combination of the bulldog, and a dark red jersey. This scheme evokes a sense of power and even aggressiveness, showing the teams of the program as strong, willing, and determined ones.

Fresno State Bulldogs Colors

RGB: (219,0,50)
CMYK: (7,100,85,1)

RGB: (0,46,109)
CMYK: (100,86,29,23)

HEX COLOR: #007934;
RGB: (0,121,52)
CMYK: (96,27,100,15)

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