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Chatous is the name of a messaging application, which was created in 2012. The main idea of the app is connecting users with absolutely random people from all over the world, based on numerous hashtags, available to choose from to narrow your “circle of interests”.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Chatous stands out from the list of all its competitors, being bold, stylish, and futuristic, and not using pink shades or heart symbols in the emblem.

2012 – Today

Chatous Logo

The Chatous logo, designed in 2012, is executed in a sleek and calm blue and white color palette, with blue in smooth gradients. The main motif of the logo is space, so blue here stands for the night sky, embedded with small white stars. The emblem in white is set over the blue background and in the full version is followed by a bold white logotype in the lowercase.

The Chatous emblem is stylized as a planet with the orbit dialogue bubble. The image looks simple yet stylish and unique and makes the application memorable and recognizable. As for the lettering, it is written in a modern full-shapes sans-serif typeface with clean contours of the lowercase letters.

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