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Emerging from the competitive landscape of China’s automotive industry, Forthing Motors stands as Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor’s innovative arm under the expansive Dongfeng Motor Group umbrella. Forthing debuted the T5 Evo, its agile CUV, in 2020, equipped with a robust 1.5-liter turbo engine sourced from Mitsubishi. Diving into the realm of electric mobility, Forthing introduced the Leiting, an electric iteration of the T5 Evo, known for its commendable range and environmentally conscious engineering. This move illustrates Forthing’s adaptive strategy in embracing electric trends and redefining its fleet for a carbon-conscious future.

Meaning and history

Forthing Motors, a division of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor under Dongfeng Motor Group, represents a notable chapter in China’s automotive evolution. Launched in 2001 as Fengxing, the brand initially catered to China’s growing demand for practical vehicles. In 2020, it rebranded to “Forthing” while maintaining its Chinese name.

The brand made a significant leap with the release of the Forthing T5 Evo in 2020, a compact crossover known for its sporty appeal and efficient Mitsubishi-sourced engine. This model also debuted Forthing’s new lion badge logo, symbolizing strength and innovation. Another milestone was the launch of the Forthing Leiting in 2023, marking the brand’s entry into the electric vehicle market. This move highlights Forthing’s commitment to sustainable transportation, aligning with global trends towards environmentally friendly vehicles.

Forthing’s journey reflects the broader transformation of China’s automotive industry, which has shifted from simply meeting domestic needs to innovating and competing in the global market. Forthing Motors, through its diverse range of vehicles, contributes significantly to this evolving landscape, embodying Dongfeng’s vision of modern and sustainable automotive solutions.

What is Forthing?
Forthing Motors, a subsidiary of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor which is part of the Dongfeng Motor Group, operates in China’s burgeoning automotive industry. Known for producing innovative vehicles, Forthing has gained recognition with models like the Forthing T5 Evo and the electric Forthing Leiting, showcasing a blend of modern design and technology. This brand exemplifies the evolving landscape of Chinese automobile manufacturing, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability.


Forthing Logo

The logo presents a stylized lion, poised in a dynamic, muscular stance within a shield. Its mane flows back, suggesting motion or wind, symbolizing both strength and forward movement. The monochrome palette imparts a classic and professional feel, while the name “FORTHING” is boldly set in a modern sans-serif typeface below the emblem, underscoring the brand’s contemporary essence. The overall design conveys a sense of power and elegance, reflecting the attributes often associated with automotive excellence.

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