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Metaxa is a famous Remy Martin owned brand of original Greek spirit, which was first produced on the Greek island of Samos in 1888 by Spyros Metaxa. It’s a unique beverage that has no analogues.

Meaning and history

Metaxa logo

The word Metaxa is not only the name of the brand’s founder, but it also means “silk”, translated from Greek. The Metaxa logo fully reflects the taste of the unique spirit – it’s smooth yet intense.
The color scheme of the logo is a classic elegance – deep blue and gold on the white background. The wordmark is a bold serif, making the central part of the label.
The “Salamina Warrior”, the Metaxa emblem, is said to have been inspired by a medallion found in the excavations of the distillery. It was dedicated to the victory of the Greeks over the apersians in the naval battle of Salamina.