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FHM is a US men’s lifestyle magazine, which was first issued in 1985. It offers articles about cars, sport and fitness, technologies, travel, gaming and the most beautiful women in the world. FHM is a monthly publication.

Meaning and history

FHM is an abbreviation of “For Him Magazine” and the magazine’s logo is a bold and bright representation of men’s lifestyle.

Strict masculine red lettering with black shades are executed in classic font related to Bureau Grot or Gill Sans Ultra Bold. Red color symbolizes passion and excitement for life while black details add a feeling of power, authority and strength.

It is a very confident and modern logo, reflecting the essence of men’s interests and values. It’s eye-catching and highly recognizable due to its brevity and boldness in form and color.

FHM logo

The FHM logo looks good both on paper and on any digital platform. It is also an example of logo being a brand signifier without any shortenings.

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