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One of the world’s largest entertainment companies, Netflix was created in 1997 in California. Its main focus is streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail.

What font is used for the Netflix logo?
The arched Netflix logotype in all capitals is executed in a clean and straight Sans-serif typeface, which is Graphique, designed in 1945 by Hermann Eidenbenz. The typeface also looks similar to such fonts as Gineso Titling Black and Cream Opera Black.

Meaning and history

Netflix Logo history

The company was founded by Marc Randolphand and Reed Hastings. In 2008 there were just 30 employees and less than a thousand DVDs available. However, the company was an immediate success and started growing very fast. Starting from 2013, it has also been working in the field of film and television production. Currently it employs over 3,500 people.

1997 – 2000

Netflix Logo 1997

The earliest Netflix logo featured the name of the website, with the celluloid film separating the “T” and “F” characters.

2000 – 2001

Netflix Logo 2000
In 2000 Netflix introduced a new version of the logo, which only stayed with the company for a few months. It was a solid black oval badge, stretched horizontally and enclosed between two rounded yellow brackets. The logotype in the lowercase was written in thin white lines of a modern square sans-serif typeface, with the dot above the letter “I” replaced by a yellow square frame with rounded angles, resembling a TV-screen.

2001 – 2014

Netflix Logo 2001

Only three years after the company was launched, it adopted a new emblem. It featured the word “Netflix” in a sans-serif font on the red background.

2006 – Today

Netflix Logo 2006

In June 2016, Netflix presented a new letter emblem consisting of a solitary “N”. It was not a replacement for the current wordmark but rather a small-sized alternative. The need for it arose with the spread of mobile apps and social networks, where the full Netflix wordmark did not work well. Having replaced the wordmark with one letter, the company got a chance to better compete with all the other things visible on a mobile screen.

It is worth mentioning that the new emblem was not just taken from the logo, but created from scratch. It looks like a red ribbon folded over itself so that it forms the “N” character.

2014 – Today

Netflix logo

The current Netflix logo debuted in 2014. Simultaneously, the company launched a new website. To create the new brand identity, a New York-based design firm called Gretel was commissioned. The core visual metaphor for the new logo was a stack. According to Gretel, it conveys two ideas that are crucial for the Netflix service: an infinite catalogue and custom-curated selections.

The updated wordmark looks very much like the previous one, but it utilizes a more contemporary font with the drop shadowing removed. The characters have become bolder. The color scheme has also been tweaked, although red has preserved its role as the most prominent color.


Netflix symbol

Over the last years, the Netflix logo and icon have become one of the most recognizable visual identity elements all over the globe. For its Icon, Netflix uses the same style and color palette, as for its official emblem — red and black. The only difference between the icon and the logo itself is that the icon only uses one capital “N”, formed by three red ribbons, with the diagonal one drawn in the most intense shade of red.

The red letter is placed on a plain black square, which can have its corners straight and classic, or rounded when used on mobile applications.

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Font Netflix Logo

The customized typeface used for the current Netflix logo was created on the basis of two fonts: Gotham Bold and Gotham Book.


Color Netflix Logo

The streaming media service chose the combination of red and white colors as a standard for its emblem. Red symbolizes passion and energy, while white was probably chosen as a neutral background, against which the basic color stands out.