20th Century Fox Logo

20th century fox logo

The 20th Century Film Corporation is one of the most popular in the world American film studio. It has been existing for about 80 years now and keeps creating film and cartoon masterpieces under the 20th Century Fox logo.

Logo history

20th century fox logo history

The history of the 20th century fox logo started only with a white letters on the black screen. The most recent version of the logo with the company title and fanfares were painted with watercolour paints by Emil Kosa Jr., who only started working for 20th Century Film Corporation. Later he created some great masterpieces for popular Century’s films, such as Planet of the Apes where he painted the Statue of Liberty and Cleopatra.

Shape and colors

colors 20th century fox logo

The shape of the logo hasn’t really changed throughout the time. However, it has gained much more volume and more details compared to the old version. The colours stayed the same: golden-orange letters on the blue background.
20th century fox television logo