Farmville Logo

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FarmVille is a Zumba mobile game created in 2009. The main idea of the game is planting and farming. The FarmVille is also available on Facebook and Microsoft and is incredibly popular across the world. Zynga released part 2 in 2012.

Meaning and history

FarmVille is a game, so boasts a very colorful and ornate visual identity, composed of many elements. The FarmVille logo consists of a wordmark, placed on a wooden box full of vegetables. In some versions, the duck appears near the lettering.

The FarmVille inscription is written in an extra-bold custom typeface with playful lines and bright colors. The “Farm” part uses orange in gradient shades, while the “Ville” is painted blue from light to dark. The white outline of the lettering makes it brighter and more memorable.

Farmville Logo

The wooden texture of the background adds a rustic feeling and makes you feel the real farm spirit. The variety of vegetables makes the logo look brighter and more friendly.

The FarmVille logo is welcoming and cartoonish. It makes the game stand out from the list of competitors and is instantly recognizable.