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Zynga is the name of a company, specialized in developing social online games, such as FarmVille. The company was established in 2007 in the United States and today has over 80 million active users each month.

Meaning and history

Zynga Logo history

Zynga, a trailblazer in the world of social gaming, was founded in April 2007 by Mark Pincus, with its headquarters nestled in San Francisco, California. This innovative venture swiftly gained acclaim for integrating social networking and gaming, revolutionizing the landscape of online entertainment. The company’s name, inspired by Pincus’ beloved American bulldog ‘Zinga’, encapsulates the spirit of joy and energy that the games aim to evoke.

In the years following its inception, Zynga carved out a remarkable niche for itself. The release of ‘FarmVille’ on Facebook in 2009 marked a pivotal moment, as it quickly amassed a massive following, becoming one of the most popular games on the platform. This success was not an isolated event. Zynga continued to expand its portfolio with hits like ‘Words With Friends’ and ‘Zynga Poker’, which not only captivated millions of players worldwide but also set new standards for social gaming experiences. These games demonstrated Zynga’s unique ability to create interactive, engaging, and community-driven gaming environments.

Today, Zynga stands as a significant player in the gaming industry, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the digital age. The company has adeptly transitioned from primarily focusing on web-based games to conquering the mobile gaming sector. This shift reflects their commitment to innovation and adapting to changing consumer preferences. Zynga’s current portfolio, a blend of original titles and acquired franchises, demonstrates its ongoing dedication to providing captivating and diverse gaming experiences. As it moves forward, Zynga continues to explore new horizons, staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital entertainment landscape.

What is Zynga?
Zynga is a prominent social game developer known for creating engaging, community-focused online and mobile games. It specializes in free-to-play titles, earning revenue through in-game purchases and advertising, thus blending entertainment with social interaction.

2007 – 2012

Zynga Logo-2007
The original Zynga logo was created in 2007, and stayed unchanged for five years, though even after the redesign of 2012 it wasn’t changed much, so the initial concept is still there today. The logo featured a gradient red-to-gray composition with a solid silhouette of a dog set on the left from the bold lowercase inscription executed in a modern and confident sans-serif typeface with masculine powerful character in its straight lines.

2012 – Today

Zynga logo

The Zynga visual identity is a tribute to the company’s owner’s dog, whose name was Zinga. The bright and modern logo looks strong and is very memorable.

The Zynga logo is composed of a red square with the wordmark, placed vertically, and an emblem on the left of it. Both the inscription and the emblem are executed in white color, which creates a special atmosphere and looks like a pop-art masterpiece.

The Zynga wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is written in a simple sans-serif typeface, which is clean and neat and looks contemporary with straight lines of “Z” and “Y”.

The Zinga emblem is a silhouette of an American Bulldog, Mark Pincus’s dog, who was his best friend and the company’s symbol.

The red and white color palette of the Zynga visual identity is a reflection of energy and dynamics, it shows the powerful brand, which is passionate about what it does and aims to bring the best gaming experience to its users, creating kind and friendly products.