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Although the logo of the sandbox video game Minecraft has been modified several times, its core “building material” – cobblestone – has been used in each and every version.

Meaning and history

Minecraft Logo history

Discussing the origins of the brand identity, we should definitely mention the concept Minecraft logo created by the English professional illustrator and graphic designer Hayden ‘Dock’ Scott-Baron in 2009. At the time, Scott-Baron worked for the Minecraft project as an artist in collaboration with the sole developer, Markus Persson. Yet, in the course of time, it turned out that it was easier for Persson to work on his own, so Scott-Baron left the team, and his logo wasn’t used.
Although Dock’s logo was also based on the wordmark, it was different in style from all the other versions. To start with, there were four colors: blue, green, white, and black, while the official logos were monochrome. Also, the majority of the glyphs had rounded tops. The “square” concept, which has been one of the most important ones for Minecraft, was also present – it was implemented inside the letters.


minecraft symbol
The original Minecraft logo, which was developed in 2009, featured the name of the video game made out of the cobblestone. It was exactly how it was shown in the game itself. The letters looked as if they’ve been sloped backward.

Emblem after 2011

Minecraft emblem
In 2011, Mojang, the developer and publisher of Minecraft, introduced a new emblem for the video game. This was done in advance of its official release at Minecon. Although there’re a lot of similarities in comparison with the previous version, the new logo is instantly recognizable due to a Creeper face placed inside the second “A.” Also, the glyphs have grown bolder. The 3D effect became more visible. This emblem made its debut on Beta 1.4.
Also, special logos have been introduced for the Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. They are basically the same, except for a couple of minor details.


minecraft logo
The wordmark has been created from scratch, so we can’t talk about a ready-made font, in this case. However, if you want, for instance, to make a wordmark in a typeface looking like the one on the Minecraft emblem, you may find it online. The type was inspired by the main wordmark and has a complete set of glyphs.


Logo minecraft
Various shades of grey in combination with black constitute the palette of the lettering, while the background is white.