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Flow is an independent video game. Its authors, the Chinese game designer Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark, opted for a stylized wordmark, where the letter “O” is capitalized, while the other glyphs are lowercase.

Meaning and history

Flow logo

Flow was introduced in 2006 as a free Flash game. Just a year later, it was turned into a 2007 PlayStation 3 game. The work on the interesting project continued, which resulted in the following versions: PlayStation Portable (2008), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita (2013).
The design of the Flow logo is highly meaningful. To understand it better, one needs to take into consideration that in this game, the 2D planes navigated by the player house an aquatic microorganism. The aquatic theme is introduced by the blue color of the logo and is supported by the “wavy” glyph “w,” as well as the extended end of the “f.”
The “O” in the center also reflects the displays of the plane as seen by its virtual “aviator” (the player).


While the “f” and “l” could have been taken from an existing font, the “o” and the “w” are custom or at least customized glyphs.


The vivid and rather light shade of blue supports the marine atmosphere, which reflects the contents of the game.