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Brawl Stars is the name of an online mobile game, which was released in 2017 and by 2018 has already had millions of players from all over the world. The game is pretty successful, and just one month after its launch, it has earned more than 60 million USD.

Meaning and history

Brawl Stars Logo history

Even though Brawl Stars is a pretty young game, its visual identity has already even changed three times by today, which means the developers are eager to grow and implement new ideas not only in the game itself but also in its packaging and image.

2017 – 2018

Brawl Stars Logo 2017

The very first Brawl Stars logo was composed of a gold six-pointed serif star, where the stylized inscription in blue and red was placed. The lettering was set in two levels with the “Brawl” in blue with its capital letters in different sizes, placed very close to each other, set above the enlarged red “Stars” with a thin double black and yellow outline and three bullet traces in gray and black.


Brawl Stars Logo 2018

The redesign of 2018 was done after the official version of the game was released. The new logo was based on the previous version but had its contours refined and strengthened. Now the inscription was placed on a bright blue background with skull patterns and stripes on the sides. The logotype resembled the one created in 2017, but the color scheme was switched to white and red, and the typeface was cleaned with its letters and their black outline emboldened. The golden star was now placed under the wordmark and got a stylized skull image placed on its middle. Two light blue guns were placed behind the serif star.

2018 – Today

Brawl Stars logo

The previous version of the Brawl Stars logo only stayed with the game for a few months, and in the same 2018 yet it was changed again. Though the changes were minor — the blue skull background was switched to simple white, and the guns behind the golden serif star with a skull were replaced by small stylized wings, drawn in white with a black outline. The wings made the sharp contours of the letters and the emblem smoother and added a feeling of completion and wholeness.

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