Nintendo Logo

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Nintendo Logo
The Nintendo logo has gone through at least a dozen major changes, to say nothing of slight alterations like a new color scheme. With the exception of the 1960s, it has always been neither a symbol nor an image, but a wordmark.

Meaning and history

Nintendo Logo history

The company, which was established in 1889, used a hieroglyphic insignia during its first years. It featured three characters: “Nin”, “ten”, and “do”. They are still used as the company’s official symbol in Japan.
super nintendo logo
The “Ace of Spades” logo, which was used in 1950–1960, reflects the fact that at that time Nintendo was a manufacturer of playing cards. In 1960–1965 several “handwritten” wordmarks were used, which were later replaced by a more legible logo given in a clear sans-serif type. At the same period, one more insignia was used, which looks very similar to the current one. Throughout the following decades there was some playing around with shapes, colors, and types.

For indifferent Europeans or Americans, the name of Nintendo brand sounds like a senseless combination of sounds. However, in Japanese culture, this name, composed of three hieroglyphs, has a hidden meaning. Nin-ten-do – each of these Japanese syllables has its own hieroglyph. And this hieroglyphic interpretation is translated as “the temple of free hanafuda” (cards or card players).
The explanation is simple: the company started its business with production of playing cards.

nintendo gamecube logo
In 2016 the wordmark adopted a new color scheme. In fact, it is again the combination of red and white, like in the 1975 logo, but this time the colors are reversed. Some designers are sure that the company had the intention of making a connection with the branding of the Nintendo Switch.


Font Nintendo Logo
The current Nintendo logo features a clear cut, minimalistic san-serif type. It is a catchy bold type.


Color Nintendo Logo
It is hardly possible to track how many times the color scheme has changed so far. The latest version of the emblem sports a red-and-white combination of colors.
nintendo symbol