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Magic: The Gathering is a collectible and digital collectible card game developed by Richard Garfield. It was the first trading card game, which now boasts over 20 million players (as of late 2020). The game is also known under the names of Magic or MTG.

Meaning and history

Magic The Gathering Logo history

1993 – 2017

Magic The Gathering Logo-1993

The project had a general release on August 5, 1993. Magic originated as a card game with an eclectic style inspired by traditional fantasy. The original Magic: The Gathering logo, which had been drawn by hand, emphasized this.

The wordmark was dominated by the large “M.” All the glyphs looked as if they had been drawn on an uneven surface and had been damaged by the time. This is how the writing in an ancient manuscript could have looked.

Despite the “ancient” effect, though, the glyphs had beautiful blue shades and trim in orange and black. The lettering “The Gathering” below was given in a simpler style featuring smaller white letters.

Logo Magic The Gathering


The letters on the updated Magic logo looked not as rough as on the previous version, although they had preserved the slightly uneven borders and the gradient effect, which was less pronounced now. The blue was replaced by orange with red and black trim.

The modification was supposed to reflect the game’s growing popularity.


The “ancient” filling of the lettering was replaced by a modern digital gradient. The company described the new color and pattern as “mystic orange.” The shape of the letters has remained unchanged, though.

2017 – Today

Magic The Gathering Logo

On April 21, 2018, the first printed product with the new logo (Dominaria Prerelease) was released. However, the emblem was presented online several months earlier.

The new logo featured the so-called Planeswalker symbol, which, according to a blog post on the official website, was “promoted to a command position in our identity system.” The symbol looked like a trident, except that it had five sharp ends.

The blogpost also promised that the symbol, which would be typically colored orange, would get the status of an icon “that signifies an official Magic branded product.” The orange was not solid but rather looked like the fire, with its darker spots and lighter yellowy highlights.

Next to the symbol, there was the word “Magic” in a beautiful custom type inspired by the shape of the Planeswalker symbol. The glyphs combined smooth arches and curves with sharp angles to create a dynamic and unique combination. The style of the letters was somewhat similar to the previous Magic: The Gathering logo, yet it was now more streamlined. The “ancient” effect of its predecessor was replaced by a modern tech touch.

The letters were either filled with a silver gradient (if placed over the black background) or black with a grayish gradient (if placed over the white background).