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There appears to be nothing in the Falke logo that gives a hint about what the company is busy with. And yet, the solid, bold letters haven’t been chosen by chance. They seem to symbolize the reliability of Falke products.

Meaning and history

Falke Logo history

While the history of the company started in 1895, it was only in 1950 that the wordmark “F A L K E” was designed and protected by the trademark law.

The logo features the name of the brand in a sans serif all-caps type. The glyphs are very bold and stable. Apparently, this type had been chosen as a way to imply that Falke puts an emphasis on durability. This is a pretty natural choice for a company specializing mainly in hosiery (although the range now also includes other products, like sportswear and accessories).

We can point out that the Baldinini logo and Fendi logo also use bold and solid fonts, like in the Falke logo. Here, it is also a way to represent “durability,” which is important for both Fendi, which was originally a fur and leather shop, and the shoe company Baldinini.

Old Logo

Falke Logo old

New Logo

Falke logo

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