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Ecko Unlimited is a famous American brand of casual clothing and accessories manufacturer, which was founded in 1993 by Mark Ecko. The brand is owned by Iconix Brand Group since 2013.

Meaning and history

Ecko Unltd Logo

The Ecko Unltd logo is very bright and eye-catching, due to the use of red color in its palette and the interesting choice of emblem.

The Ecko logo is composed of all the lower-case wordmark and an emblem on its left.

The wordmark is executed in a traditional sans-serif font with clean neat lines, the letters are condensed and slightly narrowed, which makes it look stylish and modern. The dot in the end of the wordmark adds some fun and playfulness.

The famous Ecko emblem is an image of the rhino enclosed in a horizontally located oval frame, divided into four parts.

Creating the brand’s logo Mark Ecko was inspired by his father’s collection of wooden rhinoceros figures. The animal is a symbol of strength and fighting spirit.

The Ecko logo is unique and instantly recognizable, it’s mascot is powerful and ironic. The red color of the logo reflects passion and energy of the brand. It is a strong work of a brilliant design and meaning.

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