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EVO is a range of vehicles known for offering quality at competitive prices. These vehicles boast a rich set of features and are designed with an eco-friendly approach. EVO emphasizes value and sustainability, providing vehicles that are fully equipped with optional features included in the price. The brand is known for its customer-friendly policies like comprehensive warranties and nationwide service centers in Italy. EVO is a part of DR Automobiles S.r.l., located in Macchia d’Isernia, Italy.

Meaning and history

EVO, established in 2020 by DR Group, is an Italian brand that imports and customizes Chinese vehicles for the Italian market. It represents the economical market segment of DR Automobiles, leveraging existing dealership networks for distribution. The brand’s initial offering was the EVO Electric, a rebranded JAC iEV7s. Over time, EVO expanded its range to include models like EVO 3 Electric and the flagship EVO 7, with features such as a 1.5 turbo engine and DCT transmission. EVO also entered the car renting market in 2022 through a partnership with FCA Bank.

What is EVO?
EVO is a brand of vehicles renowned for their quality and affordability. Emphasizing both eco-friendliness and customer value, EVO offers a range of cars equipped with various features, aimed at providing a sustainable and cost-effective driving experience. This brand is a part of DR Automobiles, based in Italy, and is known for its commitment to offering well-equipped vehicles at competitive prices.

2020 – Today

EVO logo

The logo features the word “EVO” in bold, capitalized letters, conveying a sense of robustness and modernity. The lettering is silver, suggesting a sleek, technological edge. A stylized Italian flag above the letter ‘V’ adds a touch of national identity, hinting at the brand’s Italian roots. The background is a deep maroon, giving the logo a rich, luxurious feel. Overall, the design communicates strength, innovation, and quality.

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