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Estrella is a Spanish label of beer, which was created in the 1870s and is considered to be the oldest beer in the country. Today the brand is a part of Damm, the main Catalan Brewing company.

Meaning and history

Estrella Logo history

The visual identity of the famous beer brand hasn’t changed much since 1997 when the product was introduced to the market. The bright red and white color palette and the elegant cursive inscription have always been on the badge, showing the brand as a powerful and passionate one, and its product — like the one with a height quality.

1997 – 1999

Estrella Logo 1997

The very first Estrella logo was composed of a solid red rectangular banner with two white and red stripes on top and bottom lines. The sophisticated and chic white lettering in a narrowed italicized cursive was placed in the middle of the banner, being written in white with a delicate black shadow, which added some volume and dynamics.

1999 – 2003

Estrella Logo 1999
The redesign of 1999 was made to celebrate the transition of the company into a new millennium. The red and white color palette remained untouched, as well as the typeface of the inscription, though a fancy star with curved elements was added to the badge, being placed on the left, and having three first letters of the inscription on it. It was a fancy and light logo, which evokes a sense of delicacy, sophistication, and modernity.

2004 – Today

Estrella logo

The star was placed at the top part of the logo in 2004. The new emblem featured refined white lettering set in a dark red banner with its long sides arched from the center. The typeface was a bit changed, giving more smoothness and curves to the Estrella letters. The star got some golden elements, expanding the color palette of the logo and making it more confident and solid.

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