Estrella Logo

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Estrella Logo
Estrella is a Spanish label of beer, which was created in the 1870s and is considered to be the oldest beer in the country. Today the brand is a part of Damm, the main Catalan Brewing company.

Meaning and history

Estrella Logo history

The Estrella name translates as “Star” from Spanish and all the philosophy of its visual identity is built around the naming. The Estrella logo is composed of a wordmark with an insignia above it.
The white wordmark with black shadows features gothic-styled typeface with pointed tops of the letters and sleek smooth lines. Due to the black shadowing, when nameplate gains volume and dynamics.
The Estrella emblem is a golden star, which has clear straight lines and balances the complicated lettering of the wordmark by its simplicity.
The white, black and gold color palette of the brand’s logo looks perfect on the dark red background of Estrella labels. It is a traditional and elegant combination, which represents passion and power, energy and expertise of the brand with a rich history.
Estrella Logo
The Estrella logo is simpler and cleaner than other beer-brands’ visual identity designs, it has no coat of arms with heraldic symbols, just the black numbers “1876” above the gold star. Modesty and style.