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Sierra Tequila is a brand of tequila that comes from The Destilería Sierra, located on a historical Hacienda in Guadalajara, the capital of Tequila. This award-winning brand is the leader on Germany’s market in the tequila sector.

Meaning and history

Sierra Tequila Logo

The Sierra Tequila logo is bright and memorable. While the wordmark is executed in black and white, which may seem boring, the logo has a funny detail. The red sombrero emblem is what makes Sierra Tequila brand so recognizable.

You can see the red sombrero not only on the logo, but on every bottle of Sierra Tequila, as the company releases bottles with red sombrero-shaped bottle caps.

The Sierra Tequila logo reflects the philosophy of the brand, fun and joy, at the same time being an example of modern design.