Erie SeaWolves Logo

Erie SeaWolves Logo

While the Erie SeaWolves are the Double-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, their visual identity bears nothing in common with that of the parent team.

Meaning and history

Erie SeaWolves Logo history

During the first years of its history (1989-1994), the team was known under the name of Welland Pirates. The choice of name seemed perfectly natural as the club was affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The words “Seawolf” have also often been used to talk about sailors who engaged in piracy, so the new name didn’t seem to go too far from the original one. The word “Erie” was taken as a nod to the Lake Erie, along which the city is located.

Old symbol

Erie SeaWolves Symbol

The original Erie SeaWolves logo depicted a wolf wearing an eye patch and pirate hat. Behind him, there were two crisscrossed baseball bats, while the name of the team could be seen below.

The 2012 emblem

Erie SeaWolves Emblem

While the overall concept of the second logo is almost the same, its practical implementation is totally different. Once again, we see a pirate wolf, but now its mood is different. While it was overtly aggressive on the original logo, now it seems to radiate cool contempt and defiance. The baseball bats got unusual handles – they look like the handles of sabers or some other weapon of the same type.


Erie SeaWolves Logo old

Black, red, yellow, gray, and white constitute the palette of the Erie SeaWolves logo.