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Epiphone is the name of the American brand, owned by Gibson and specialized in the manufacturing of musical instruments. The company was established in 1873 in Turkey and acquired by Gibson in 1957.

Meaning and history

The Epiphone logo is as iconic as the brand’s guitars themselves. The minimalist script wordmark has been with the brand for the most part of its history and was barely changed.

The bold cursive typeface of the Epiphone inscription has a retro-style feeling yet looks strong and confident. The elongated tail of the letter “N” balances the two “P”s vertical bars and harmonized the logo. The dot above the letter “I” is slightly enlarged and adds playfulness and creativity to the company’s visual identity concept.

Epiphone Logo

The start of the Epiphone logo is the first letter “E”. It is smooth and rounded, with diction to and shares middle bar. The brand uses it as a signifier and an icon for its website and it became an instantly recognizable symbol of a legendary music instruments manufacturer.

The monochrome palette of the Epiphone logo only elevates its timelessness and elegance, showing the brand as loyal to its heritage and legacy, yet stylish and progressive in terms of production.