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Vitra is a brand of Swiss furniture, founded in 1957 by Willi and Erica Fehlbaum. It is a family-owned company, manufacturing the works of many internationally renowned designers.

Meaning and history

Vitra Logo

The Vitra logo, created by Pierre Mendell many years ago, has become iconic in the world of design.

All lowercase sans-serif logotype consists of the brand name with the dot. The typeface is executed in Futura. This customized version of Futura was designed by Lineto. It exists in 5 weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Heavy and Bold) and is licensed for exclusive use by Vitra and Vitra’s appointed subcontractors.

The wordmark’s color is black. Which is a perfect choice for such a significant element of the world’s furniture design world as Vitra.

The Vitra logo manifests the brand’s position as a true premium brand, it celebrates the iconic products and rich design heritage of the company and it’s proud part in design history.