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Entertainment One is the name of an entertainment group, which was established in Canada at the beginning of the 1970s, and today is owned by the American giant Hasbro. The company has several subdivisions, which include tv production, filming, and live shows.

Meaning and history

Entertainment One Logo history

The company, which today is mostly known as eOne, has had several visual identity redesigns, which includes several complete rebranding, as it was founded under the name “Record of Wheels”, and yes, it took more than one attempt to get to the current naming, which is known all over the globe.

1970 – 1980

Entertainment One Logo 1970

The logo for Record on Wheels was created in 1979 and stayed in official use for almost ten years. It was a simple a bit naive monochrome badge, with the arched stylized “Records” lettering covering the clean sans-serif “On Wheels”, underlined by a thin black line with two wheels. The negative space of the “O” in “On” was decorated by a white five-pointed star.

1980 – 2005

Entertainment One Logo 1980

The first rebranding of the company was held in 1980 when Records on Wheels changed the name to ROW Entertainment, and the logo became bright and three-dimensional. It was a gradient and massive red “Row” lettering with the “O” stylized as a music disc, and the voluminous white “Music and Video” written in small capitals over the bottom part of the “ROW”.

2005 – 2009

Entertainment One Logo 2005

In 2005 the name of the company was changed to Entertainment One, and this is when the first era of the new life began. The logo, introduced in the same year, featured a pretty modest, yet professional and strong composition, with the graphical part on the left, followed by a narrowed black logotype in two lines. The inscription was set in a traditional Sans-serif typeface, which was balancing the modern gray and red emblem. The emblem boasted a bold and enlarged red “1” enclosed into a gray rounded frame, stylized as the lowercase letter “E”.

2009 – 2010

Entertainment One Logo 2009

Another baking experiment happened in the company in 2009, when they decided to change to E1 Entertainment. And although it only lasted for a few months, the new logo was created for the new name. It was a bold white “E1” placed in ¾ on a gradient blue background and underlined by a clean white “Entertainment” in the uppercase of a modern and laconic sans-serif typeface. The logo was greasy and bright, evoking strength and confidence in the production company.

2010 – 2015

Entertainment One Logo 2010

A few months later the company comes back to the Entertainment One naming and created a new logo for it. The refreshed color palette featured a light shade of blue and clean white. The main part of the badge was taken by a solid blue square, with the upper right and bottom left corners rounded. Inside the square, there was a white two-leveled inscription in a medium-weight Sans-serif typeface. The lowercase “E” above the lowercase “One”, with the blue “Entertainment One” underline, is written in the same typeface under the blue square. The full logotype had no space between the two parts, but the “One” was set in bolder lines.

2015 – Today

Entertainment One Logo

The redesign of 2015 kept the concept and color palette of the previous version but placed the elements of the badge in one horizontal line. There are now two versions of the badge: the full one, with the bright blue “Entertainment” in the lowercase followed by a solid blue rectangular with the white “One” on it; and the short one, with only the lowercase “E” and the rectangular with the “One”.