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Stern is a German weekly news magazine, owned by Gruner + Jahr. It was founded in 1948 by Henri Nannen. Today the magazine has a weekly circulation of 1 million and total readership of about 8 million.

Meaning and history

Stern Logo history

Stern means “Star” in German, and the brand’s visual identity is based on its name.

The Stern wordmark is strong, friendly and modern, with soft curves and full letterforms. The font was revised by Ludwig Übele, who also designed the Tundra typeface.

Before 2013

Stern Logo oldThe Stern famous logo is a white six-pointed asymmetric star in a red rectangle. The icon hasn’t been change for many years, unlike the logo wordmark.

2013 – Today

Stern logo

The Stern uses black for its wordmark, that makes a perfect confident tricolor logo color palette — red, white and black. The logo reflects the brand’s feel and look for a modern audience as well as its strong connection with its roots.