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Gabor is a German brand of shoes and leather accessories manufacturer, which was founded in 1949 by Joachim and Bernhard Gabor. Today the company is managed by Achim Gabor, Joachim’s son, and is one of the leading women’s shoes brands in Europe.

Meaning and history

Gabor logo

The Gabor logo is a minimalist and simple wordmark, which doesn’t look less stylish or modern without extra detailing.

Its monochrome palette makes the logo look luxurious and evokes the sense of quality and comfort. Black color symbolizes power and confidence of the brand .

Logo Gabor

The custom typeface of the Gabor nameplate is has clean and rounded lines. The opened letter “B” in the center of the wordmark makes the logo light and vivid, and perfectly balanced the first “G”.

The Gabor logo is a brilliant example of German quality in everything, including design. The brand’s visual identity simplicity is synonymous to elegance, its strict approach is the reflection of the brand’s reliability and authority.

Gabor company has a timeless logo, which can replace any expertise mark, and shows the brand as the one that can be trusted.