DENSO is a Japanese company, specialized in manufacturing car components. It was established in 1949 by Toyota and untold today the quarter of the company is owned by one of the largest Japanese corporations.

Meaning and history

The DENSO visual identity is based on the principles of elegant simplicity and color brightness. The logo, composed of a wordmark with a tagline is placed on an intense red background. No additional imaginary.

The Denso inscription in all capital letters is executed in a stylish and sophisticated sans-serif typeface, which is slightly italicized. The corners of the first three letters are sharpened and elongated, which creates a feeling of movement and speed.


The company’s motto “Crafting the Core” is placed under the wordmark and written in a simple sans-serif typeface, emphasizing the company’s name.

The powerful combination of red and white colors represent a progressive and passionate company, which values innovations and dynamics. The brand looks energetic and strong due to its simple yet modern and eye-catching visual identity design.

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