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Duplo is the name of one of the Lego series, which was first introduced in 1969. This series of the world’s famous constructor toys is specialized in kits for the youngest kids and has a wide range of toys to choose from. Today Lego Duplo can be found in any toy store on the planet.

Meaning and history

Duplo Logo history

Though Lego Duplo is a brand with a long history, its visual identity concept has been really constant during the years. The recognizable symbol, color palette, and smooth lines of the lettering — everything, the original logo was based on, can still be seen in the current insignia of the famous toy label.

1969 — 1995

Duplo Logo 1969

The original Duplo logo was created in 1969 and stayed with the brand for more than two decades. It was a rounded sans-serif lettering in the lowercase, executed in a bright yellow color palette and a thin black outline and a massive black shadow. The inscription was accompanied by a dark red ambler, set above it. It was a stylized image of a rabbit, drawn in profile, facing left and also outlined in black.

1995 — 2002

Duplo Logo 1995

The redesign of 1995 refined the contours of all elements, and made the colors of the Duplo logo more delightful, though the style and concept remained untouched. The rabbit’s silhouette was now more natural, and the massive black shadow was removed from the yellow logotype. The negative space of the lowercase “D”, “P”, and “O” was replaced by the solid dots in green, blue, and red respectively.

2002 — 2013

Duplo Logo 2002

The colors were brightened up and the contours were cleaned and modified again in 2002. The rabbit started looking friendlier and more playful, while the yellow logotype became lighter and more eye-catching. The black outline of the wordmark became thicker, which made the whole logo more visible on the colorful backgrounds of the constructor kits packaging.

2013 — Today

Duplo logo

The redesign of 2013 enlarged the yellow lettering, adding some gradient shades to it. The rabbit was turned to the right and now looks like it’s ready to run, waiting for a good company to play with. Another significant change of this redesign is in adding the iconic Lego emblem to the left from the Duplo insignia. With this bright and recognizable symbol the colors became even more balanced and the whole image — harmonized.