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The previous Drexel Dragons logo does not look very much like the current one. And yet, you can see they are similar in their core imagery.

Meaning and history

Drexel Dragons logo history

The Drexel Dragons, founded as part of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have a rich history dating back to the university’s establishment in 1891. The athletic teams represent the university in NCAA Division I sports, showcasing a deep commitment to athletics and student participation. Over the years, the Drexel Dragons have made significant strides in various sports, especially in basketball, crew, and lacrosse.

Among their notable achievements, the men’s basketball team’s participation in the NCAA tournament stands out, with several appearances that have heightened the university’s profile. The women’s basketball team, too, has gained recognition for its competitive spirit and skill. In crew, the Drexel Dragons have shown exceptional prowess, often competing in prestigious regattas and earning accolades. These achievements reflect the dedication of athletes and coaches alike, contributing to the university’s reputation in collegiate sports.

Currently, the Drexel Dragons continue to be a prominent force in collegiate athletics. Their ongoing participation and success in various sports, including a strong emphasis on academics, underline the university’s commitment to fostering well-rounded student-athletes. The Dragons remain a symbol of pride for Drexel University, consistently striving for excellence both on and off the field.

What is Drexel Dragons?
The Drexel Dragons are the athletic teams representing Drexel University in NCAA Division I sports. Known for their competitiveness in basketball, crew, and lacrosse, they embody the spirit of excellence and dedication in collegiate athletics.

1985 – 2001

Drexel Dragons Logo-1985

The old logo, which was adopted in 1985, featured a yellow dragon with the lettering “Drexel” below it. Both the lettering and the dragon were placed in a dark blue square. Below the square, the lettering “university” in dark blue could be seen.

2002 – Today

Drexel Dragons Logo

The current Drexel Dragons logo (2002) also features a dragon and the name of the team, yet both of them have been redrawn.

Drexel Dragons basketball

Drexel Dragons basketball logo

The basketball team was fielded in 1895. In 2007, the men’s team was ranked 35th nationally – the best result it has ever seen. Their all-time record is the following: 1,293 wins, 1,145 losses (as of August 2019). The women’s team has competed in the NCAA Division I tournament once. They have appeared in the WNIT nine times.

Drexel Dragons field hockey

Drexel Dragons field hockey

In 2012, the team won the CAA title for the first time. For the women’s team, 2009 has been probably the most successful year. They won the CAA regular-season title, got their first NCAA Tournament berth and won their first NCAA Tournament victory.

Drexel Dragons Colors

HEX COLOR: #00437B;
RGB: (0, 67, 123)
CMYK: (100, 69, 7, 30)

RGB: (255, 218, 2)
CMYK: (0, 12, 98, 0)