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Drake Bulldogs is the name of the college athletic program from the Drake University in Iowa. The program was established at the end of the 19th century and today has 18 teams competing in various sports (both men’s and women’s). The program is a member of NCAA Division I MVC.

Meaning and history

Drake Bulldogs Logo history

The Drake Bulldogs, a pivotal entity in the sports world, owe their founding to Drake University, established in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1881. This athletic moniker represents the university’s teams competing in NCAA Division I, specifically within the Missouri Valley Conference. Over the years, the Bulldogs have carved a niche for themselves in various sports, most notably in basketball, track and field, and cross country.

Their journey is marked by significant achievements, including a storied history in basketball with appearances in the NCAA tournament, a highlight being the 1969 Final Four. In track and field, the Bulldogs have a remarkable connection with the Drake Relays, one of the premier track and field events in the United States, hosted annually at Drake University. This event has been a cornerstone in highlighting the university’s commitment to athletics since 1910. Currently, the Drake Bulldogs continue to compete at a high level, maintaining a strong presence in collegiate athletics. Their programs not only foster athletic prowess but also emphasize academic excellence and personal growth among student-athletes.

What is Drake Bulldogs?
Drake Bulldogs is the name for 18 sports teams of the Drake University of Iowa. The program was established in 1893, and today has several really strong teams, including its famous Drake Bulldogs Basketball club.

Drake Bulldogs Colors

1956 – 2004

Drake Bulldogs Logo-1956

Back in 1956, the Drake Bulldogs logo featured an anthropomorphized bulldog standing in full height. The creature was wearing a shirt with the letter “D” on its chest.

2005 – 2014

Drake Bulldogs Logo-2005

The emblem was used almost half a century until in 2005 it was phased out by a completely different one. This time, the bulldog occupied less space and looked more like a real dog than a player. To the left, the lettering “Drake Bulldogs” could be seen, where the first word was by far larger than the second one.

2015 – Today

Drake Bulldogs logo


In 2015, the Drake Bulldogs logo went through one more update. The overall structure remained the same, while the strokes with which the dog was drawn grew somewhat bolder. The typography was slightly altered, too.

Drake Bulldogs basketball

Drake Bulldogs basketball logo

The most notable achievement of the men’s team has taken place in 1969 when they made the Final Four. The men’s team is coached by Darian DeVries, while the head coach of the women’s team is Jennie Baranczyk. The home arena of both the teams is the Knapp Center.

Drake Bulldogs football

Drake Bulldogs football logo

The history of the university’s football program can be traced to 1893. The Bulldogs have got thirteen conference titles. They play their home games at Drake Stadium. Their head coach is Todd Stepsis.

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